Here's everything you wanted to know about WGPF, and probably a bunch you didn't. Don't see your question answered on this list? Send us a message!

Will you paint my guinea pig?
Unfortunately, right now commissions are closed. If you'd like to stay up to date on when the opportunity opens, sign up for the mailing list!

Where can I get tee shirts and other cool stuff?

I saw your stuff in a different store online. Is that yours?
Chances are, it is When Guinea Pigs Fly artwork, but it's being used illegally. Society6 is the only online retailer licensed to sell products with When Guinea Pigs Fly designs on them. If you find them elsewhere, please let us know! We are constantly battling infringements and the struggle is very real.

Do you have a Facebook and Instagram I can stalk-I mean...follow?
Yes! Facebook is www.facebook.com/whenguineapigsfly and instagram is @whenguineapigsfly

Can I print your art for myself if I'm not going to sell it?
No, but if you'd like a print of WGPF artwork, you can buy one here!

Can I share your art on social media?
Absolutely! Just link back to where you found it or tag us in your post. our Instagram handle is @whenguineapigsfly and our facebook page is www.facebook.com/whenguineapigsfly

Who's the guinea pig in your logo?
That's Gus, my very first guinea pig I adopted back in 2005 from the MSPCA Angell Memorial adoption center. It was love at first sight and I smuggled him into my college dorm (oops). We had 5 years together and he opened the door to everything I learned about guinea pigs. His paw print is forever on my heart. 

Where the heck is my order?
Uh oh, have you been waiting and waiting and your order hasn't arrived? If you live in the US, it should take 2-3 days after you receive your shipping notification. Sometimes more if there's a weekend, a natural disaster or other shipping provider delay, or during peak holiday times. If you live internationally, it usually takes 1-2 weeks but can sometimes take a month depending on customs (sorry, I know it's frustrating!). If you've long passed these time frames (like 2 weeks for the US and 6 weeks for international) and still don't have your order, get in touch with the US Postal Service with your tracking number to see if they can locate it for you. If you run into a dead end there, let us know!

Do you accept returns?
In 10 years of business and thousands of orders, we haven't had one return! That being said, if you get your print and something is wrong with it, please let us know within 30 days of when it was shipped and we can send a replacement. For items that get lost in the mail, unfortunately WGPF is not responsible and you will want to contact your local post office.

Will The Guinea Pig Guide be a hard copy book?
I sure hope so! Stay tuned for updates on this!

Can I sign up for your mailing list?
Absolutely! There's a form at the bottom of the page.

Do you do any in-person events?
WGPF has participated in the MSPCA's Pig-a-palooza fundraiser at their Nevins Farm Adoption center. Future events will be announced on social media.

Can I sell your art in my store?
Heck yes, you can! If you own a brick-and-mortar store and would like to carry When Guinea Pigs Fly art prints, please send a message to get the ball rolling on wholesale.

I have a hilarious idea for a guinea pig painting. Will you paint it?
Maybe! We're always looking for fun ideas for new paintings. Send it along and you never know, you might see your idea in the shop someday!

Want to see a picture of my guinea pig(s)?
UM, YES?! Share your piggie pictures over on the WGPF Facebook page or tag us on Instagram so we can check those lil fuzzy potatoes out!!

Is the otters holding hands painting really painted by you? It isn't a guinea pig...
I know, I know, I stepped outside of the box a little bit one night and lo and behold it kinda, well... went viral. Yes, the otters are indeed a WGPF painting! 

Do When Guinea Pigs Fly prints come framed?
No. But we do have a small selection of framed prints available through Society6.

No offense, but like...why guinea pigs?
Two words: the lip

Why don't you paint cats?
My extreme love for cats actually borders on obsession, but when it comes to drawing and painting, the thought of a guinea pig in a powdered wig just truly tickles me. Plus, the world has a lot of cat art already. It needs more guinea pigs!

What do you use to draw and paint with?
Some WGPF paintings are acrylic (the brightly colored portraits like the classical composers and dino-peeg), and others are watercolor (the birthday party, the yoguineas, the potato). Some watercolor pieces have a digitally applied solid color background in Photoshop, but otherwise all of the work is derived from traditional art mediums.

Where can I learn to draw guinea pigs?
Fancy you should ask! You can learn to draw guinea pigs the WGPF way with this downloadable book - How to Draw Super Cute Guinea Pigs.

I have a question about taking care of guinea pigs. Do you know about that stuff?
Yes! You can instantly download over 100 pages of illustrated guinea pig information in The Guinea Pig Guide.

Where do you print your prints?
Prints are made in-house using a fine art printer and 100% cotton fine art paper. It's thick and soft and amazing and replicates the textures and colors of the original pieces as closely as possible.

I'm an artist that wants to make and sell my own art prints. Where do I start? How do you do it? What printer do you use? HELP!
I will be creating a guide to show you just how to do this from start to finish soon. Stay tuned!